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Tattoos: Tips for aftercare and also care

Finally the longed for tattoo! But take care: anyone that does not very carefully care for the fresh tattoo could obtain issues. The wound can, for example, infect

The moments when tattoos were the indicator of a prison keep or at least an wealth of life experiences are long gone. Today, tattoos are a way of life for many people – even if they are not safe to wellness. Whether unicorns on the ankle joint, around the belly or the name of the beloved on the back: the colorful skin photos are currently extensively made use of. Yet no matter which theme the woman or guy body adorns – on a excellent aftercare and care must all tattoo lovers respect.

Clean and sterile and air permeable

” A fresh tattoo resembles a surface skin wound,” claims Dr. Sonja Christine Molin, a dermatologist at the University Center for Dermatology and Allergology in Munich. In the aftercare, two things have top priority: the wound has to heal and a injury infection has to be avoided.

” Just like shallow scrapes, the appearance of injury secretions and the development of crusts will occur,” claims Molin. ” Making use of dry, sterile, however air-permeable dressing material or plastering can assist to take in the injury secretion as well as shield the injury from contact, as an example with clothes.”

” The dressing product can be eliminated after a couple of days, if the tattoo is not put in a mechanically stressed area and also should be secured from trembling pressures such as, for instance, on the butts”, claims the Munich skin physician Dr. Juliane Habig. “In these cases, the association must continue to be on it for a longer time, but need to be changed on a regular basis.” Tattoos in some cases cover the tattoo with a fresh movie. Dr. Juliane Habig, hesitant as a dermatologist, sees this as ” just moisture as well as warmth accumulate, which can bring about a wet wound chamber.”

Lotions must avoid gluing of the dressing

Even with regular clothing products, troubles can emerge: injury secretions and also crusts occasionally completely dry on the wound dressing utilized and also are then detached time and again during bandage or patch modifications. “Because this is not conducive to a cure, it is suggested to use a slim interlayer cream or a fat gauze,” encourages the dermatologist Molin. It suggests a injury and healing anoint, in no situation to oily ointments.

Perfumed shower gels or other bothersome substances should not enter contact with the wound. ” Too much water contact is also not useful for injury healing,” claims Molin. It must stay according to the skin medical professional with a brief shower or wash the particular area. After washing, meticulously bit, do not scrub! Utilize a fabric that does not fuzze.

Focus on health

So large is the lure: Do not touch the fresh tattoo. When you sign up with the wound, clean your hands thoroughly in advance. A fresh tattoo might get very severely swollen. ” Similar to other injury, infections, skin inflammation or scarring can happen,” says Molin. That is why the admirers are not permitted to touch the tattoo supply in the beginning.

” No matter the follow-up it could also allergic reactions come, lymph node swelling as well as blemishes in the skin, and certainly for the transmission of illness,” Molin is also taken into consideration. You must consequently be educated regarding the sanitary standards of the studio in which you wish to be tattooed. Inquire additionally which dyes are used for the tattoos as well as whether they are safe.

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