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Tips for food preparation beef

Beef provides a wide variety of shaped pieces, texture as well as various preference that allow it to be present on our table at every opportunity as well as make a positive change.

Acquire beef

A acquisition of Dry Aged Steaks need to be a gorgeous crimson and shiny. Its fat, slightly yellow, of dividing the muscle mass.

In some pieces like T-bone steak or it creates a fine network: the meat is called marbled; during cooking, the fat thaws, giving soft qualities and taste to the meat.

” Cut piece,” a shoulder muscular tissue with which is ready steaks ( occasionally roasted) is called “marbling” as it is covered in fat blood vessels.

Knowing purchase beef, it is additionally able to check out the information continued the labels: they supply information regarding the track name, weight, price per kilo as well as the beginning of meat, required info yet also on the type racial and also course.

Professionals provide iced up in their meat department, many cuts of beef without forgetting the burgers.

Choosing the right tune: A barbecuing, pan-frying and also roasting


The -bone and also rib steak: both come from the coastal train middle with 7 ribs; the-bone is thick, made with his bone while the steak, reduced thinner, is a boneless rib. Their meat, specifically “marbled” is delicious.

Rump: a personality of meat, tender and also yummy, for thawed and also skewers, pavers, steaks and roasts.

The ribeye: located all versus the web, it expresses all its top qualities when served in thick slices.

The net: it is the most soft piece of beef; situateded along the foundation, this muscle mass does not work therefore the extreme tenderness it the king of steaks, chateaubriand and also the feast of roast.

The tournedos: Tournedos is a piece thick fillet, about 2 centimeters, cut into the web after that banded and connected.

The chateaubriand: it is thicker compared to the tournedos 3 to 4 centimeters thick however still cut in the net and rarely strapped.


There are no less than 15 items of beef form, appearance and various flavor which are cut in slim slices called steak or steaks.

We need to identify the steaks to short fibers, generally tender those lengthy fiber valued by lovers since they launch a nice juiciness as well as flavor. It is not without factor that they are likewise called “pieces of the butcher.”

Steaks brief fiber: Topside, pear, whiting house in Walnut, veneer flat, round piece, removaling, scoter and twin steak …

Steaks long fiber: sirloin steak and also flank, as well as phony spider crawler, shaft and also tab.

The items of butcher normally little, so uncommon, the butcher reserve its ideal customers, connoisseurs who value great item of beef. For those who favor tender meat, pear as well as whiting, 2 small upper leg muscles which are named after the fruit and also fish of the exact same name they create. And for those that like a meat abundant in taste and also chewy, the spider, the personnel or the tab.


They are thick pieces of meat, for lovers of tender and medium unusual, normally cut from the rump or topside. Servis Nature, rocks share all their succulence, covered with sauce, they provide brand-new flavors: pepper mignonette or green, mushroom, Roquefort or blue béarnaise …

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